What is Composer?

Composer is an incredibly user friendly and fun online editing program that allows you to edit more than just photos without the frustrations that come with most editing programs. Check out the tutorials to see just how easy it really is and how many amazing things you can accomplish with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

Do I need to download anything?

No, just go to the “Edit a photo” tab, click the link and you’re ready to start creating!

What can I achieve with Composer?

You can correct photo blunders, create web page buttons, backgrounds,  banners and create or add a personal touch to all of your business items including business cards, letterhead and logos.  You can upload a photo or create from a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless and it’s just so darn easy to use! Let your imagination soar!

What about backgrounds and canvas sizes?

First, choose from the various web page size and wallpaper size canvases that are available by clicking the ‘canvas’ button. You can then upload a photo or photos to create a background or you can choose different colours, textures, light sources, effects, blends, text and layers to create something totally unique. Or you can do both. Upload a photo, add some layers and be creative.  Add as few or as many layers as you like. Have fun experimenting with all the different applications.

Where can I upload my photos from?

You can quickly and easily upload any photo from anywhere on your computer, simply click the open file button and search your computer for the photo you want.

How can I save what I’ve created?

Simply click the save file button and save what you’ve created or edited anywhere on your computer.

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