Sample project files

I thought I’d make available a few project files that show some of the things that Pixiim Composer can do, for instance:

Glass House

The project file for this image is here. Right click on the link, select ‘save link as…’ to save the file to your system, then open it from the Pixiim Composer web app. In Composer, click the folder button on the far right, you’ll see the ‘Open file…’ dialog, navigate to where you’ve downloaded the file and select ‘project files (*.pcproj) to see the project file that you’ve saved.

Here’s one that’s a little bit simpler. I was trying to make an anime eye from a tutorial, here’s the result:

Anime staredown

Yeah, ok I’m not an artist but anyway here’s the project file for that one (link). Sorry gotta go, he’s scaring me.

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