New features in Composer

We have a boatload of upgrades to Pixiim Composer in the last month, one of the biggest is that you can now save and reload project files, what that means is that you can save your work and make additional changes later. Sweet, I know!

Other changes that you should know about:

- A new ‘Select’ tool that lets you more easily pick out the layer you want. Select the ‘arrow’ from the toolbar, and run it over the layer stack to see which layer corresponds to the layer under the select arrow.

- The ability to rename layers, just click on the layer button and edit the name.

- Grid snapping, go to the Canvas/Grid snap menu item to select the options.

- Two new effects, Color Stripes and Sunburst.

- Improvements to several other built in effects, especially when working with images with transparency.

About gschorno

I'm the programmer for Pixiim, currently working on Pixiim Composer.
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