New Functions in Composer

New stuff in Composer!


experimental, doesn’t work for all operations.

New Polygon/Star paint tool

This includes options for the number of points and a spiral parameter. Of coarse its going to change in the future!

Open Pixel Bender filters from local disk

Search the web for “.pbj files” to find some samples, save the files locally. When you open the file in Composer, (if successful), the effect will be available at the bottom of the effects list in the ‘Layer’ tab.

Note that some parameter types are not yet supported in the ui builder, and that not all .pbj files will run correctly in Flash.

Internally, we’re starting to use JSON serialization, in particular for copying the effects chain during layer duplication.

About gschorno

I'm the programmer for Pixiim, currently working on Pixiim Composer.
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